A Creative Scribble

Life is a tapestry. Flowing, running, wild – yet when you look back and examine it closely – there are countless intricacies, details and patterns that hold it together and add to it’s beauty. Every human has their own beautiful design. Their own beautiful tears. Their own beautiful genome. The patterns are not always visible to our glazed and glassy eyes, a vibrancy of the spiritual dancing before us, pulling the drumbeat of hearts. But sometimes, some minutes of the hour, He let’s us see. Just a little pattern, a little thread, a little beauty in the mess and madness of raging life.

My life is like a drum beat, pulsating and pulling me toward an end somewhere. Through a field of destinations He pulls me. Sometimes I follow, sometimes I resist and pull back, my palms raw red with pulling and spinning – and then he pulls me again, tugs gently and yanked up I stand. A rag doll I no longer resist but close my eyes and fall into the glorious abys of falling into the rhythm of the pulling. My wings breathe and pulse, pulse, pulsating with His life in my veins. I am a warrior – the warmth of the sun dries my tears, my cold insides shake and spit out the poison of life surrounding – I fight forward, I fight and I fight.


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